Targo backpackers aims to provide a range of services to holiday makers, including various types of farm work, budget accommodation and friendly staff that will provide local knowledge of places to go and things to do in Bundaberg! We are located in central Bundaberg, which is only about 4 hours north of Brisbane. Bundaberg is easily accessible by bus or tilt train from Brisbane Roma Street Terminal. Bundaberg also offers all year round farm work, sun, sand, turtle tours and more.


Working in Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a city well-known for its primary production and beverage manufacturing industries. Farm work undertaken with registered employers here, count towards the second year visa for holiday makers. As soon as the initial 88 days are completed, you can reapply for your second year visa and continue on your travelling journey.


About the Workplace

The nearest major shopping centre is Hinkler Shopping Centre. You do not need a car, as Bundaberg city centre is only a short stroll away. Work is available all year round. You will be working alongside the most prestigious farms in Bundaberg that provide primary produce to the nation such as strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, capsicums, lychees & mangoes.



Farm work here in Bundaberg provides great rates for those who are keen to work hard to make lots of money on piece rate. A piece rate is where an employee gets paid by the unit picked or packed. An employee can be hired to work a mix of piece rates and hourly rate shift. For those who want a secure hourly rate, we also have one of the most sought after hourly rates in farming.

Working infomation

Work is available to anyone who has a working holiday visa.
E.g backpackers, students, travellers or even for people who wish to migrate to this country.

Our farm partners are:

  • Workers employed on hourly rate of $22 /hour and piece contract rate (paid per Kg)
  • Currently offering $.55/kg for pickers and by the punnet for packers
  • Season runs from April-Sept

Lychee farm Offering hourly rate work. $20/hourly and piece rate 
Mangoes Offering $20/ hourly and piece rate
Season runs from December to February.

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