We are located centrally, about 4 hours from Brisbane. Work Cheap alternative accomondations for holiday makers and for those who are keep to make money while traveling we provided Trusted and well paid regional farm work all year around. We have many friendly and commited staff that will assist in finding getting in a job farm with no to short waiting list. For holiday makers, Bundaberg has lots to offer from Sand, Sun, Snorkel, to turtle tours We offer accomondation with holiday deals and event guide to all explorers out there.


About Bundaberg

A town that is quality for people who want to re apply their visa quickly by getting 88 days farm work. As soon as this 88 days are done, you can reapply for your 2nd year visa and continue on your travelling journey.


Working Place

Near major shopping centre: Hinkler shopping centre. You don't need a car. A short stroll is enough to Bundaberg city centre. Work is available all year around.. Working along side with the most prestigious farms in bundaberg such as strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, capsicums, lychees & mangoes.


Work and Paid

Providing great rates for those who are keen to work hard to make lots of money on piece rate which gives you opportunity to make money as your potential allows.A piece rate is where an employee gets paid by the unit picked or packed. An employee can be hired to work a mix of piece rates and hourly rate shift. For those who want to secure hourly rate we also have one of the most sort after hourly rates in farming.

Working infomation

Working are availble to anyone who have a working holiday visa.
E.g backpackers, students, travellers or even for people who wish to migrate to this country.

Our farm partners are:

  • Work are employed on hourly rate of $22 /hour and piece contract rate (paid by Kg)
  • Currently offering $.55/kg for picking and per punnets for packers
  • Season starting April-Sept

Lychee farm Offering hourly work. $21/hourly and piece rate 
Mangoes Offering $21/ hourly and piece rate
Season is starting from December to February.

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